100% Human at Work

The first NY-based “100% Human at Work” gathering is happening this Monday 23rd Nov.

I truly love being part of this network! Our aim is to educate, inspire and build purpose-driven organizations that prioritize people and planet alongside profit.

The day will kick off with a panel I am moderating called Working Spaces, and I’m looking forward to a great conversation with visionaries from Delos, Herman Miller and Gensler on the future of our physical work environments.

Other topics will include Big Data and Predicting the Future, The Positive Workplace, New Approaches to Learning and Development, and Purposeful Leadership.

The 100% Human at Work initiative is led by The B Team, a global nonprofit incubated by Virgin Unite. The network consists of extraordinary organizations from all corners of the globe. Collectively, we have shaped the 5 principles that define what is means for business to be 100% Human:


In the words of Jean Olewang, CEO of Virgin Unite

“We live in a world in which change is happening faster than ever: environmental pressures, population growth, massive advancements in technology, and significant shifts in the demographic of the workforce to name just a few,” 
“This has inevitably sparked changes in the ways in which we work and people’s aspirations and desires for their work are also shifting. This is an amazing opportunity for companies to be at the forefront of change and help people achieve their highest potential and purpose – which will naturally positively impact the bottom line".

By 2020 100% Human at Work aims to catalyze one million businesses to change the way they work for the better and to help people thrive and realize their full potential.